This LP conga set includes 3 of LP’s most popular Performer Series hand drums: the 11″ quinto, 11-3/4″ conga, a 12-1/2″ tumba and a free set of bongos. Features include Siam oak shells for warm, resonant open tones and sharp slap tones; EZ-Curve rims for hand comfort and tucked heads for a classic tone. The exterior drum shell design and steel bottoms provide extra durability and stability. Drum stands not included.Crafted from Siam oak, the bongo drums sing in the upper-mid frequencies with full open tones and crackle with high-pitched slaps. EZ-Curve rims and tucked heads also come standard. An excellent and affordable choice for beginning and intermediate players. Drumhead sizes are 6-3/4″ and 8″.

Product Features

  • Quality Siam oak shellsEZ-Curve rims for hand comfortUpdated exterior drum shell designSteel bottoms added for durability and stabilityAdded bonus of bongosConga configuration:11″ quinto, 11-3/4″ conga and 12-1/2″ tumbaBongo configuration: 6-3/4″ and 8″