ShenziPurple Features:1. High-grade steel material, strictly manual adjustment, manual cutting, each pitch is perfect.2. No music background, just follow the heart to explore its origin sound can purify your mind and soul, let you achieve inner peace.3. You can play with the included drumsticks or hands, and the accompanying notes make it easier for beginners to learn and play.4. Very suitable for personal meditation, yoga practice, zazen, music therapist, performance, religious activities, etc.5. With a portable bag, you can bring any drum.Material: steel Status: 100% new Package Included:1 x Steel tongue drum1 x Instruction manual1 x to their bag1 x Finger sleeve2 x Drum mallets1 x Tone becomes

Product Features

  • Made by hand by a craftsman, it can produce a clean, elegant and special effect
  • Protective paint, rust-proof, abrasion-proof and scratch-proof, the sound of its origins will purify your mind and soul, allowing you to achieve inner peace
  • Equipped with a portable bag, easy to transport, no matter where you go, you can take the drum
  • With a variety of music scores, even beginners can play very happy music according to the score
  • Our quality after-sales service, you can rest assured to buy our products