Name: Double row tambourine
Material: wooden drum ring + polyester drum skin
Specifications: 8 inches (20cm in diameter); 10 inches (25cm in diameter); about 5.5cm in height
Packing: OPP bag
Weight: 8-inch 130g; 10-inch 170g
Color as shown
Use: Hold with one hand, quickly shake, the bell will make a good music. You can also take the drum in one hand, tap the drumhead in the other hand, and make a sound at the same time as the drum and the drum. Practice rhythm or dance with drum sounds and bell sounds.
Packing list: 1* drum

Product Features

  • Materials: The tambourine shell is made of birch, while the drum head is made of natural skin.
  • Ergonomically designed: The tambourine frame relieves pressure on the hands and arms during prolonged use.
  • Practical: Multi-size Dove Bible double-row jingle tambourine; double-row metal sound, easy to play tambourine, suitable for any percussion needs.
  • Widely used: The tambourine is ideal for any party, dance, concert, festival, church choir, etc.
  • Easy to carry: This portable tambourine is very lightweight, compact and easy to hold in your hand