Play drums and guitar at the same time with the Logjam Logarhythm electronic stompboard. The Logarhythm percussion foot pedal puts out a nice round bassy kick drum without the need for a drum machine. Plug a normal mono guitar lead into the Logjam Logarhythm electronic stompboard and the other end into your amp or PA. Turn off the treble and the mids and then boost the bass to the max and stomp away with full volume beats. Rubber sole shoes produce a slightly hollow sound while a solid soled shoes produces a sound with a wood-block timbre. These new Logjam Logarhythms are made from cherry wood, and finished with a double coating of linseed oil. Guitar and Bass magazine gave it 95% in a recent review, saying that is ideal for the modern day one man band and followers of John Lee Hooker and of course Seasick Steve.

Product Features

  • Height – 50 – 60cm (height adjustable)
  • Width – 60cm
  • Depth – 42cm
  • Load capacity – 100kg