The Relay G10S guitar wireless system is as powerful as it is compact. The stompbox-sized pedal offers professional features, rugged build quality, and plug-and-play operation at an easily affordable price. The Relay G10S system integrates seamlessly into any pedalboard or can function as a standalone unit. It features an impressive range of up to 130’ line-of-sight, enabling you to move about untethered on any sized stage—and the Relay G10S works equally well with bass. The Relay G10S is the newest member of the relay wireless family, a series of products that are embraced by professionals for their reliability, ease of use, and transparent sound. Thanks to the extensive experience that Line 6 brings to designing and manufacturing wireless products, you can depend on the Relay G10S to provide clear and accurate instrument sound, free from interference. Plus, the Relay G10S is compatible with the relay G10, G30, G50, G55, and G90 guitar wireless systems.

Product Features

  • 24-Bit lossless digital sound quality
  • Up to 130′ Range line-of-sight
  • 9V DC power supply included
  • Automatic or manual frequency selection
  • Balanced XLR DI and 1/4″ Outputs
  • No setup required
  • G10T transmitter with rechargeable battery included
  • Rugged metal construction