As the perfect beginner violin, Lico Violin Outfit includes everything you need to begin your musical journey. We understand that the quality of your first instrument greatly affects your initial playing and learning experience, especially for younger students. To help you or your child have the most positive and enjoyable experience, we ensure comfortable playability and precise string height for new players. As a result, we ensure that the sound quality and ease of playing of Lico Violin will be far superior to any other beginner violin at this incredible value.

Violin Features:

Acoustic violin: The violin is equipped with an ebony-style chin rest and an integral tail that allows fine tuning of the strings for precise tuning. The traditional horsehair bow is adjustable for easy transport.

Undecorated neck: Friction-based ebony-style tuning nails push in and hold the strings in place for long-lasting tuning, while the undecorated neck back allows the player to move freely up and down the neck For a smooth playing experience.

Protective cover: The flush protective cover is made of foam and has molded support, which is ideal for transporting violins while protecting them from impact and scratches. The case also features a zip pocket and accessory compartment.

Size Guide:

4/4 Size – Arm Length 23.5″+/60cm+,(approx. age 12+)

* Arm length: Fully extended out the left arm perpendicular to the body as if holding a violin, measure from the middle of the left palm to the neck.

Targeting people:

Beginner, student over 12 years old

Violin Package:

1 X Full Size Violin

1 X Violin Case

1 X Violin Bow

Product Features

  • ♪♪♪【4/4 Full Size, Ideal for Beginner】4/4 full size violin is ideal for enthusiasts, students or anyone above 12 years old who just begin to play, and will last most up to Grade 5 standard.
  • ♬♬♬【Excellent Sound】The full size violin is hand-carved with hard texture, finely polished, and it is not easy to run out of the string. The amplitude makes the strings have high and low points, the different sound ranges are transmitted, and the sound is loud and stable.
  • ♩♩♩【Completely Setup with No Assembly Required】Ready to play the moment you open the case! Lightweight protective case, high quality bow, rosin. Complete equipment allows you to start playing the violin with a simple 3-steps:setup bridge, tune the strings, rosin the bow.
  • ♫♫♫【Fully Furnished】The violin comes with carrying case, bow and rosin. Most accessories are well prepared. If you are not sure about what accessories are needed for a beginner, this violin kit may be a nice choice for you.
  • ♫♫♫【Solid Wood & Glossy Appearance】4/4 violin features quality solid spruce top and maple necks, backs and sides with inlaid purfling in antique varnish, which creates a warm, deep, superb tone. The appearance of the violin is designed in a classic manner, fully presenting the elegance of violin.