Lazarro E-Flat Eb Alto Saxophone with High F# Key,made from real Brass with Hand Engraved Bell Decoration. Italian Leather Pads with Metal Resonators,Adjustable Key Height Screws and Metal Thumb Rest

Product Features

  • Are you looking for your new Saxophone to fulfill all your musical needs? It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been playing for a while. We have the perfect instrument for you – “Lazarro” Eb Alto saxophone. PLEASE NOTE: Many counterfeit Saxophones are being sold under Lazarro Brand. Warranty and quality is guaranteed, if you purchase authentic Lazarro Alto Saxophones sold by Amazon directly or by MusicStore4You.
  • We take pride in our instruments, so we  guarantee that you will love your next Lazarro saxophone. Our saxophones are not just stylish, but also very durable, made out of real Brass, have a great well-balanced sound and are always hand checked by our professional  team. Why rent a saxophone when you can buy a Brand New “Lazarro” Saxophone for fraction of the price.
  • We are proud to announce that WE ARE a USA BRAND that you can trust 100%. We follow USA Standards for our Lazarro Musical Instruments, that is why our saxophones are teacher and school approved. All of our saxophones are manufactured by International Standards, regardless of the colors and keys, and feature the same sound quality, mechanisms and durability.
  • “Lazarro” saxophones are perfect for any occasions: lessons, concerts, bands and orchestras. We always stand behind our product, so we offer 2 weeks no questions asked return policy and warranty against any factory defects. Every musician is unique, so we think that your instrument should be too. That is why we offer the largest variety of 24 colors with Silver or Gold Keys,so you and your Saxophone can make an impression on even the toughest music critics.
  • Package includes:”Lazarro” Eb Alto Saxophone with Mouthpiece,Reed,Ligature and Cap, Lightweight Hard Plush Case,10 “Lazarro” Reeds,Reed Holder,Tweezers,Ligature,Cork Grease,Screwdriver,Neck Strap,Cleaning Swab, Soft Cleaning Cloth,White Gloves,Music Book