Orange Red Bb Lazarro Clarinet made from Strong High Grade ABS plastic with Gold Keys and Bell Ring. High Quality Pads produce Rich Sound, adjustable Thumb Rest. Clarinet includes all pictured accessories.

Product Features

  • Are You looking for your new Clarinet, to fulfill all your musical needs – We have the perfect instrument for You – “Lazarro Clarinet”.
  • Our “Lazarro” clarinets are perfect for any occasions: lessons, concerts, bands and orchestras. We follow USA Standards for our Clarinets, that is why they are teacher and school approved
  • We are a USA Brand that you can trust 100%. Our clarinets are not just stylish, but also very durable, have great sound quality and are always hand checked by our professional team in New York.
  • Lazarro clarinets are manufactured by International Standards, regardless of the colors and keys, and feature the same sound quality, mechanisms and durability.
  • Package includes: Lazarro Clarinet, Second Barrel, Mouthpiece with Reed, Cap and Ligature, Fabric Case, 10 Lazarro Reeds, Soft Cleaning Cloth, Reeds Holder, White Gloves, Screwdriver and Cork Grease