Latin Percussion LP Classic Model 11 3/4″ Conga Drum LP559X-AWC. LP Classic Model Congas were the first wood congas introduced by Latin Percussion. They have become the standard by which other wood congas are judged. Set Includes: Accessory pouch, tuning wrench, LP Lug Lube, LP201BK-P LP Rumba Shaker, LP637 Conga Feet. LPA055 Conga Bag & LP234A Afuche/Cabasa

Product Features

  • Latin Percussion LP Classic Model 11 3/4″ Conga Drum LP559X-AWC
  • 30″ tall select, kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak construction adds to the drumâ€TMs overall warm tone; unique shell contour brings out the drumâ€TMs mid and high sound ranges
  • Hand selected, natural rawhide heads with Comfort Curve II Rims
  • 5?16″ diameter tuning lugs & Reinforced LP Heart Side Plates
  • Fiberglass layer added to the inside upper portion of the shell to provide additional strength
  • LP ProCare Integrated Shell Protectors prevent the side plate hardware from marking or damaging adjacent drums
  • Set Includes: Accessory pouch
  • tuning wrench
  • LP Lug Lube
  • LP201BK-P LP Rumba Shaker, LPA055 Conga Bag
  • LP637 Conga Feet & LP234A Afuche/Cabasa