Years of making custom French horn mouthpieces for players from around the world has helped determine what players want and need to make a difference in their sound. These features are now available to all players in the form of the Laskey standard product line of French horn mouthpieces. A special thanks to the many professional players from around the country who helped in the development of a concise and exceptional line of French horn mouthpieces consisting of seven rim sizes and four cup sizes.

Product Features

  • As French horn players seem to use the metric system to describe the size of the mouthpieces, we decided to number our line in a metric way.
  • A unique quality of our standard French horn mouthpiece line is the unique rim contour. There is definition to the inside diameter and yet the roundness of the rim shape allows for easy movement, as well as a high degree of control and flexibility.
  • We realize that many French horn players feel a personal affinity with a rim that they have played for many years. There is a certain degree of “comfort” in having the same rim on your face.