This excellent Eb Saxophone by LAGRIMA will make your performance even better in various music styles, ranging classical orchestras to popular jazz ensembles. With high standard of craftsmanship, this Saxophone can produce sharp and clear tone, greatly highlighting your music. LAGRIMA confidently recommend: this Saxophone will offer much pleasure to your practice and performance.

Easy to play
Beautiful and durable Paint Gold body
Pleasing vibrant feel with well-centered sound

Ideal for both music amateurs and professionals

Item specifics:
Condition: Brand-new
Style: Classic
Type: Saxophone
Color: Golden
Material: Brass
Product Dimension:
Length: 65 cm / 25.6”
Bell: 12 cm / 4.7”
Mouthpiece: 1.6 cm / 0.63”

Package Content:
1x Saxophone
1x Polishing Cloth
1x Cleaning Swab
1x Strap
1x Cork Grease
1x Mouthpiece
2x White Glove
1x Saxophone Case

Product Features

  • ♫FULL TONE-Made of excellent brass material,streamline bell design,the bass is deep and powerful.
  • ♫PLAYING EASILY-LAGRIMA SAX features hand-welded precision blowpipe,the tone is very transparent and beautiful,polished inside,more easy to blow.
  • ♫EXCELLENT INTONATION-With digital opening design, the intonation reached a high level and the error is controlled within 10 cents.
  • ♫FINE WORKMANSHIP-Professional technicians hand-carved in sax, each work is exquisite workmanship,showing the taste of noble.
  • ♫PRODUCT SIZE-Length: 25.6”,Bell: 4.7”,Mouthpiece: 0.63”,this alto saxophone is perfect for the students ,teacher, musicians and music lovers