With a newly designed 88-note graded hammer-weighted action and over 800 of Kurzweil’s preset sounds, the SP5-8 offers the high-end sound palette of a professional workstation with the easy workflow and simplicity of a stage piano. The SP5-8 includes an assortment of piano presets: concert grands, EQ’d studio pianos, classic barrel-house and tack uprights as well as richly layered combinations with strings and pads. Also included are dozens of vintage instrument emulations; electric pianos, Clavinets, Mellotrons and electric grands, in addition to a broad selection of KB3 organs and KVA virtual analog synths. Rounding out the sound set are our renowned Kurzweil string sections, plus orchestral, brass, winds, mallets, percussion, drums, guitar and bass presets. The LK40GH action allows players to experience exceptional realism while playing piano presets but also provides the speed and ease required for electric piano, organ, Clavinet and synth parts. Several velocity maps accommodate all playing styles. The SP5-8’s user interface has been tailored to suit a variety of settings. With 5 sliders plus a 3-tiered Shift button, you’ll have easy access to 15 real-time synth and/or effects parameters. Intuitive Entry allows customization of sounds, whether you’re assigning an effect to a slider or setting the key ranges for a Split/Layer zone. For lightning-fast, gig-ready sound selection, the SP5-8’s 20 User Favorite slots provide one-touch access to the sounds you use most frequently. With world-class effects and professional-grade balanced TRS outputs, the SP5-8 puts out a powerful, pristine signal that’s perfect for professional recordings or live amplification without additional processing. The SP5-8 offers full MIDI functionality over USB and the ability to save/load user sounds and OS updates with seamless computer integration. And 16-part multi-timbral capability allows the SP5-8 to serve as a powerful composition tool, with hundreds of sounds at your fingertips.

Product Features

  • 88 note hammer action stage piano with Kurzweil PC3 technology
  • 1024 sounds, 64 note polyphony, and 4 split layer zones
  • Dozens of complex effects chains available to polish your sounds
  • 16-part multi-timbral capability
  • Dozens of complex effects chains available