The Shofar is a musical instrument made of a ram’s horn. Once the horn arrives at the factory, it undergoes process sanitation and disinfection to make it be a kosher Shofar.
The Shofar is a Synagogue Item that is blown during the service every year on the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. It can be as long as you want it to be, as long as it is kosher. Synagogues usually use medium size Shofars, as it is a combination of a strong sound and convenient size.
The Shofar, like many other articles in Judaism, varies according to custom and tradition: The most popular and commonly-used one is the hoof-shaped classic twisted Shofar.

This painted Jerusalem scene Shofar makes a perfect gift for Rash Hashanah or for all natural instrument lovers!

Product Features

  • Includes a Beautiful Carrying Bag and Shofar Guide
  • This is a handmade Shofar with a very well painted Jerusalem scene and Floral design
  • Checked for having a great sound by a special Shofars Expert
  • The horns production is performed using old and traditional techniques combined with modern techniques , and all under very strict supervision of quality and kashruth of the shofar
  • Shofar Horn is Kosher Certified and Imported from Israel Size 15″