Anime “K-ON!” 5 anniversary to commemorate the anniversary, it is the birth of Korg “RK-100S K-ON! Special”. It is also a successor model of the original “RK-100,” which also appeared in animation “RK-100S” since its launch, appeared in the live of many professional musicians. It has already caused a great sensation. “RK-100S K-ON! Special” is wearing the same “white” and “RK-100” of animation, was studded with parts that the image of a character of “K-ON!”. This special model, “K-ON!” Fans, of course, is a coveted item even individualistic keyboardist. RK-100S is a built-in analog-modeling sound source. Two of the ribbon controller and arpeggiator, fulfilling also new equipment / functions, such as vocoder, further, since it is equipped with a callable in one-push “Favorite button” the tone that had been pre-registered, more intellectual active in, you can enjoy the performance. ■ wooden body of the beautiful gloss coating. ■ Built-in program of 200 types by analog modeling (including K-ON! Special program). ■ realized the ease of play and lightweight, with a 37 key slim keyboard. ■ short and long, with a two ribbon controller. ■ Equipped with a microphone / audio (alternate) input terminal, the vocoder function can also be used. ■ driven by six AA alkaline batteries. ■ The MIDI output terminal, playing also possible with an external sound source. ■ detailed tone program can also be set by the PC editor. ■ OPTIONAL: AC adapter KA350