Miku Stomp Pedal

Product Features

  • • Range :E1 by which pace detection is possible (41Hz) – E6 (1,319Hz) • Source :eVocaloid • Joining terminal :Input terminal (monaural standard phone and Jack), Output terminal (monaural standard phone and Jack) and DC9V IN terminal
  • • A power supply: An AA battery-shaped, 2 alkaline batterieses or AC adapter (DC9V) • Battery life: About 5 hours • Consumption current :200 mA
  • • Overall size :74 (W) x 120 (D) x 50 (H) mm (A rubber foot is included.) • Mass :250 g (A battery isn’t included.) • An attachment: An AA battery for operations checks-shaped, a dry battery 2 of x.
  • • Separate sale :AC adapter (KORUGU KA-181)