Model: Concert Ukulele
Machine Head: Sealed and Chrome
Top Material: Acacia
Back & Side: Acacia
Neck: Okoume
String : Aquila from Italy
Fret Wire: 18 Cupronickel
Finish : Nature Matte
Binding: Wood with Black White Paint
Rosette: Wood
Bridge Pin: ABS
Recommend: Professional to Beginner
Nut & Saddle : ABS

Total Length: 23 inch
Width at Nut : 1.38 inch / 35 mm
Width at 12th Fret: 1.77 inch / 45 mm

Acacia Body:
Decent Ukulele,Good Sustain and Great Attack Strumming or Picking
No Hand Scratching:
Neatly Fret Wire + Smoothly Fingerboard , Comfortably to Play
Aquila String + Bone Nut & Saddle:
Bring You a Nature + Original Sound
Body Through String Installation:
Stable and Short Amount Time to “Break in”,Easy Restring

Package Include
1 x Concert Ukulele

Product Features

  • Acacia Body:Good Sustain and Great Attack Strumming or Picking,Decent Ukulele
  • No Hand Scratching:Neatly Fret Wire + Smoothly Rosewood Fingerboard , Comfortably to Play with the Ukulele
  • Aquila String: Best String to Ensure you the Ukulele a Best Sound
  • Body Through String Installation:with Bridge Pin,Stable and Short Amount Time to “Break in”,This Ukulele Re-String Easily
  • Bone Nut & Saddle:Bring You a Nature + Original Sound,Make the Ukulele more Wear-Resisting