Banjo ukulele is a four-stringed instrument with a small banjo type body and a fretted concert size ukulele neck, very popular in the ’20s & ’30s. It features the distinctive sound of a banjo and the small-scale tuning and playing style of a Ukulele.
â Specification:
â Size: Concert 23 inch
â Tuning: G-C-E-A
â Tuner: Chrome and Sealed
Neck: Canada Maple
Head: Canada Maple
String: Aquila
Nut: Bone
Bridge: Maple+Rosewood
Fret: 18 Cupronickel
Mark Dot: 5 7 10 12 15 frets ( same with side dot)
Body: Transparent Plastic
Tailpiece: Stainless Steel
Package Include:
â 1 x Concert Banjo Ukulele

Product Features

  • This banjo ukulele creatively installed with a transparent plastic body, crisp sound, very interesting!
  • With Canada maple neck and fingerboard, sturdy enough for banjo ukulele sound transfer
  • This banjo ukulele has a smoothly fingerboard,neatly fret wire, will not scratch your hand!
  • Sealed and chrome tuner make this banjo ukulele has an excellent intonation.
  • Aquila string with bone nut, make this ukulele has a wonderful tone!