The Mandolin Twin Internal is a twin-head, retrofit mandolin transducer. It is a fully internal pickup system. Both the tranducers and the endpin-jack are mounted inside the mandolin. The transducers are attached with special super-thin and strong peel-and-stick tape. Installation of this system should be done by an experienced luthier or mandolin tech. If you are looking for a system that is easy to install by yourself please check out our Mandolin Twin Fusion system. The Mandolin Twin Internal reproduces the original mandolin tone with very natural tone quality and it is highly feedback resistant. It is used by high end Mandolin Builders like Clark Mandolins and by many professional players. Due to the internal mounted pickups, the Mandolin Twin Internal delivers even better sound than K&K’s previous model, the Mandolin Twin. Plus it doesn’t clutter up the outside of your instrument. With acoustic amps it works very well in passive mode. To connect it to a PA system we recommend a suitable preamp like the Pure Preamp or the Pure XLR Preamp. Technical Information: Cable length: 7 “; Pickup size: 16.5 x 23mm; Impedance: High ohmic; Jack: Stereo TRSS endpin jack 1/4” wired mono.

Product Features

  • Twin Transducer Mandolin Pickup System
  • Includes Stereo TRSS Endpin Jack
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Made in USA