Comes in a cardboard box. Size 16x 6.5″.
Encourage your child’s musical talent! This glockenspiel will make any child into a musician!
Bonus e-book with 15 children color-coded songs for small kids who do not know notes + 5 sheet music songs for more experienced musicians.
ATTENTION: If you do not receive the sheet music e-book, please let us know by email.

Product Features

  • Rather large blue xylophone with white keys. This kids’ xylophone has 13 keys and plays two octaves.
  • The metallophone has white keys, which make it easy to learn notes.The sturdy wooden stand can be placed on any flat surface.
  • This is an important percussion instrument in any band. Two large wooden mallets (for kids or adults) with the xylophone produce beautiful sound!
  • The space under each key and the hollow space inside the xylophone stand acts as a resonator.
  • Includes the e-book with 20 songs just for this xylophone. Each melody is written with color circles, representing the color coded visual card.