Introduce Your Child and you to the Joys of Music.

It is well known that music benefits children’s development. It can help them express emotions, it can raise their intelligence, it can expand their creativity and improve their hand-eye coordination.

And now helping children benefit from playing music is easier than ever..

Music plays an important role in our world today. You can find music in many aspects of our lives such as movies, theater, television, worship, celebrations, and government/military ceremonies. Playing and dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. For children and adults, music also helps strengthen memory skills!

All the instruments are of the highest quality and made from wood and other safe material. They have smooth finish and are built to last for years and years.

Children will learn to express themselves creatively as they enjoy hours and hours of imaginative play with these fun, exciting toys. This toy set is also great for making family time even more enjoyable.

Plus, the musical toys and backpack are all child-safe.

Help your child learn the different sounds and tones musical instruments can make .

Product Features

  • Listening Training: During the playing process , the accumulation of melody beats is cultivated from childhood, and the children’s sensitivity to notes is developed, enhancing the logical thinking ability, when the child plays different scales, from high to low To promote thinking imagination
  • Parent-child Interaction: parents can play with the baby during the play, exercise the baby’s hand and eyes, cultivate feelings; exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination and physical flexibility during play.
  • Use environmentally friendly wooden materials, safe and non-toxic; Smooth surface of the instrument will not scratch the baby’s skin; Each instrument knocks out different rhythms and melody to cultivate the baby’s sensibility to music
  • Visual Development: bright colors stimulate the baby’s visual development, children have different perceptions of different colors and sounds, and the sound of the piano can stimulate the child’s senses . to develop their cognitive competence of colors, patterns and animals, also useful to nurture the baby’s intelligence, imagination and creativity.
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