The item is a set of 4pcs simple and funny musical instrument educational toys by random color and pattern, which is made of durable hard wood material, and can be used to help your kids and children to explore sound music and develop a sense of rhythm. Looking like traditional gourd maracas but smaller and more durable, the wooden maraca toy will unlock the musician in everyone. Therefore, it is really a wonderful gift for your children or someone special.

Product Features

  • Assorted colors and painted designs. Length: 6-4/5 inch.
  • Made of high quality wooden material and non-toxic paint, safe and comfortable.
  • Play along with your favourite tunes or just shake your own fun rhythm.
  • Great for children to develop a sense of rhythm. Ideal toy to capture your babies attention, incite young musicians while bring them fun.
  • Perfect for secondary pupils or primary pupils, toddler clubs, church groups, percussion ensembles, or even educational play.