When it comes traditional old-timey bluegrass and country music, the sound of the oval-hole A-Style mandolin played a very significant role. Just close your eyes and listen to any of the earliest recordings and chances are that you will hear the deep, rich and airy tone that only a Kentucky KM-276 deluxe oval-hole A-model mandolin can offer. Combined with more modern features, including a unique 14th fret neck body joint – another Kentucky design exclusive – and you have a mandolin that represents the finest combination of old and new!.

Product Features

  • Solid carved Sitka Spruce top gives you clean articulation and a crisp, bright tone
  • Solid carved Maple back and sides for extra punch
  • Slim Maple neck for comfortable, easy action
  • Radiused choice East Indian rosewood Fingerboard ensures silky smooth playability
  • Transparent brown lacquer finish imparts Enhanced luster and beauty