Regardless of whether youre playing on stage, practicing for a recital, accompanying the church choir or studying in the classroom, the new Kawai ES8 is portable piano perfection. Stellar Tone!The ES8 features Kawais exclusive Harmonic Imaging XL with 88-key piano sampling. This unique technology creates sounds with the highest level of detail and clarity possible. Each key of a piano has its own unique tonal characteristics. Some have only one string, others two and still others three, for instance. There are also differences in hammer felt shape and density. These and other factors create subtle differences in tone from one note to the next. By sampling and recreating each key individually (rather than stretching a smaller number of samples) the unique tonal character of each note is preserved. Kawais Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI) with 88-key sampling uses a larger tonal database than regular Harmonic Imaging to provide greater tonal details throughout the dynamic range. Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging (UPHI) with 88-key sampling uses our largest tonal database, thus providing the greatest tonal detail possible. Stellar Touch!The new class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action on the ES8 re-creates the exceptional touch of an acoustic grand piano with its realistic movement and rigid springless design working together to provide a smooth, natural piano playing experience. A triple-sensor key detection system enhances responsiveness and accuracy.Virtual TechnicianA skilled piano technician can personalize an acoustic pianos sound and touch response. Kawais exclusive Virtual Technician does the same for the ES8 digital piano.Built-In RecorderThe ES8 offers an easy to use 10-Song / 2-Track built-in Recorder ideal for self-evaluation or capturing a moment of inspiration.USB ConnectivityUSB to Device and Host capabilities provide a world of opportunity, including recording and playing digital audio, storing songs, playing song files and connectivity to

Product Features

  • Harmonic Imaging XL Sound Technology with 88-Note Piano Sampling
  • 34 Exceptional Instrument Sounds w/256-note Max. Polyphony
  • Easy to use 10-Song / 2-Track built-in Recorder ideal for self-evaluation or capturing a moment of inspiration
  • USB Digital Audio – Play / Rec WAV and MP3 Files
  • Includes Music Rack, F-10H Damper Pedal, Power Cable, Owner’s Manual