If you want a great playing electronic kit that can keep up with your needs, then the KAT Percussion KT2 is an excellent choice. It features a full set of five 9″ trigger pads, each of which has been engineered to give you the perfect stick response across the entire head. A large ride cymbal pad mounted on a boom gives you tons of positioning possibilities, and the crash cymbal includes a choke right under the rim. There’s even room for two more triggers on the KT2 USB controller. Speaking of which, onboard the KT2 USB drum controller, you’ll discover over 480 phenomenal drum sounds, 30 complete kits, and even an multitrack sequencer you can use to capture your latest groove. Top it off with fun and engaging learning tools, and the KAT Percussion KT2 electronic drum kit is as much fur to practice with as it is to play!

Product Features

  • 45 Total Drum Sets; 30 preset drum kits plus 15 user programmable drum kits
  • 80 play-along tracks with recording ability
  • 9 Trigger Input Jack, Headphone Jack (1/8″ stereo), Aux. In jack (1/8″ stereo), 2 External Trigger Input Jack, (1/4″, Tom4, Crash2),Output (1/4″, L/Mono, R), USB, MIDI In, MIDI Out
  • Built-in general MIDI sound library
  • Power On/Off INC/DEC, Volumne Click, Start/Stop