Kalena Factory Direct Ukulele Complete Set NEW DESIGN! We’ve packed all the professional features we could at this price point. INSPIRED: Representing the beauty of Hawaii in dazzling colors and original sound hole designs CURVED WOOD BACK! You’ll love the sound of your new Kalena ukulele. High end acoustic ukuleles have a curved back for round beautiful tones! HIGH QUALITY FINGERBOARD and BRIDGE: This wood is widely used for high end ukulele and guitar fingerboards. It offers better sound and resonance. OX BONE NUT AND SADDLE: Used on professional ukuleles and guitars, ox bone has pure and distinct sound. FINGERPRINT RESISTANT BODY: This wood produces warm and sweet tone, clear high pitch and excellent sustain. This carefully selected wood is specially treated to reduce reflection and resist fingerprints yet still produce a natural shine. GEARED METAL TUNING HEADS: Keep your ukulele in tune! These tuners do an excellent job. Metal heads will not break so easily as plastic. PRE-STRUNG WITH AQUILA STRINGS: Premium Aquila strings installed on every Kalena ukulele. These strings produce beautiful round tones and last an incredibly long time! We even threw in an extra set for the future! STRAP PINS INSTALLED Comes with: 1 FREE instruction booklet 1 FREE extra set of strings 2 FREE original Kalena felt picks 1 FREE clip tuner 1 FREE strap (with pin holes) 1 FREE water resistant gig bag (5mm padding)! ORDER NOW while supplies last!

Product Features

  • SALE: 100% new, not refurbished! This Hawaiian Kalena retails at $89.99! Check website Kalenainstruments
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, 60 day full replacement warranty! Built to last! No hassle return policy.
  • AMAZING WOOD COLOR VARIATIONS: High grade mahogany in a natural Sanded Mahogany and a darker rich Warm Mahogany, 3 sound hole designs including hibiscus, dolphin and traditional. Own a Superior quality Kalena concert ukulele for an Amazingly low price! Padded polyester gig bag, electric tuner, strap, strings, picks and book included!
  • EASY and FUN TO PLAY: Low string action, precise intonation, smooth frets! Curved back for fuller sound! Strong rugged construction that will last! Not just for beginners!
  • BETTER SOUND: More frets than a soprano, BIG SOUND unbeatable at this price