JULIET MUSIC, has been in music education field for over 10 years. We understand how important its to have a good instrument. As a professional music school, Juliet Music strive to provides high quality, hand crafted instruments at an affordable price.Rest assure, we are so confident about our products. If you find at any point dislike your purchase, you can certainly return it for 100% refund without question ask.

Premium Tuners and Strings

Kala Ukuleles feature Aquila Super Nylgut strings from Italy and high quality tuning machines to keep your ukulele playing in tune. The strings are soft and smooth to the touch with a very clear, sweet sound. Get in tune and stay in tune

Kala Quality

Kala is known for high-quality instruments that have amazing tone and appearance. The LTP Soprano is the perfect uke to start on. Made of Mahogany with a beautiful satin finish—It looks great and sounds great!

Tuning the Ukulele:
To avoid damage in transportation, the ukulele hasn’t been tuned yet.
The clip-on tuner in the pack will help you with the tuning. The Standard C tuning features strings tuned to G C E A (from the left to the right when you putting the ukulele straight and facing the front). You may begin your tuning with the 3rd string, which is the note C.


1 x Kala KA-C Conert Ukulele

High quality Juliet music brand accessories

1 x JM black gig bag

1 x JM electric clip on tuner

1 x JM extra set of strings

5 x JM Picks

All accessories included in this ukulele package. Enjoy learning ukulele now!

Product Features

  • Kala, known for high-quality, is the most recognized and sought after ukulele brand in the world. Includes FREE online lessons, Kala ukulele app with tuner, Kala logo tote bag, and ukulele playing quick start guide
  • Features Aquila Super Nylon strings: strings are soft and smooth to the touch with a very clear, sweet sound
  • ALL-IN-ONE – The waterproof nylon bag offers great protection and portability; The clip-on tuner with LED display helps you to tune easily; The polishing cloth can keep it clean; The extra string gives you one more choice.
  • EVERYONE CAN PLAY – Children or adults, novices or professionals, the ukulele is suitable for everyone who starts to play a musical instrument. Our soprano ukel together with the beginners pack is your best choice
  • Purchase from JULIET MUSIC – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within one month and FULL KALA MANUFACTURER WARRANTY against manufacture’s defects.