Beginner’s Choice
Kaizer created this 1000 Series Student Flute for students in band and orchestra, emphasizing quality, versatility, practicality, and playability. The Student Series is meant to be beginner/step-up all in one because it is designed to eliminate the need for another step-up or intermediate instrument. When th player is ready to make the transition he/she can then move on to a professional level instrument. It has standard features like 16 closed-hole keys in the key of C, offset G with split E detachable foot-joint and as well as added features like nickel-silver body, plateau keys, beveled embouchure, professionally padded keys. The offset G key is designed to allow you to reach the G key naturally and with ease. Split E key divides G into two separate keys moving independently while linked. The bundle includes a molded case with a useful maintenance kit right out of the box so you don’t have to extras on a care kit. Maintenance kit includes cleaning rod, polishing cloth, gloves, joint lubricant. The Pro Student Series instruments introduces high functionality, excellent playability and great construction to students and geginners at a practical price point. 

Built to Last
Kaizer Student Flutes are built to be tough and low maintenance. Made with a nickel-silver body for enhanced tonality and durability while the outside finish protects the integrity of the flute’s body. Keys are professionally padded so that they’re airtight when pressed and allows for better response and intonation control; keys are loaded with steel springs for longetivity and secured with adjustable screws for making small adjustments. 

Product Features

  • RELIABLE PRODUCT. RELIABLE SERVICE.: Kaizer products are completely free of harmful materials, and backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty
  • BEGINNER’S CHOICE: Standard student flute in the key of C perfect for BEGINNERS, SCHOOL BAND AND ORCHESTRA
  • FRENCH STYLE CONSTRUCTION: Sensitive response, easy to play, excellent intonation, feature closed-hole (plateau) 16 keys, beveled embouchure, offset G with split E DETACHABLE foot-joint
  • BUILT TO LAST: Nickel-silver body and power-forged keys with professionally padded keys, steel springs and adjustable screws
  • FULLY LOADED PACKAGE: Molded case offering maximum protection and includes maintenance kit: cleaning rod, polishing cloth, gloves, joint lubricant