The Jupiter JSP1110 University Quad Valve BBb Quantum Sousaphone combines the benefits of a large bore with a concert tuba-style four valve cluster for a larger sound with less resistance and better intonation. Comes with molded ABS case with wheels. Quad Valve, .736″ Concert Bore, lacquered brass body and 26″ bell, removable front action valve and slide section, 4 stainless steel pistons, weighs 31 lbs, Hard-Shell Case with Wheels (KC-88A), Truckline Shipping Only (91 lbs)

Product Features

  • Lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability
  • Stainless Steel Pistons have remarkably smooth, fast action for improved agility and playability
  • A Removable Valve Section perfect for allowing full access to areas that would be normally unreachable to a repair technician