The Jupiter 675N-C Bass Clarinet is at home in a schools band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, or a recording studio.The Jupiter 675N-C Bass Clarinet has a 2-piece body with an adjustable floor peg, inline trill keys, undercut tone holes, and a one-section wood-frame case. ABS Resin Body with Adjustable Floor Peg, inline trill keys, adjustable thumb rest, undercut tone holes, forged nickel silver keys, low Eb on body, leather pads, two piece body with one-piece wood-frame case (KC-45P)

Product Features

  • ABS Resin Body provides a durable alternative to a wood body perfect for rigorous playing demands without sacrificing tonal quality
  • Inline Trill Keys are extremely durable and are less susceptible to moisture accumulation further extending pad life
  • The Wood-Frame, One Section Case is designed for the instrument to be stored in a one-piece assembly for convenient storage
  • Key of Bb
  • ABS Resin Body