For those seeking a professional-level instrument at an affordable price, we proudly introduce our JOY Cajon. Made from first-grade birch wood, the percussion box features a dark brown finish front-plate, two sets of tunable steel strings, and sturdy rubber feet. With its great, powerful sounds, the JOY Cajon will offers you an excellent performance experience.

Dimension: 12.2″ x11.8″ x18.9″
Resonance Box: Birch Wood
Front Plate: Ash Wood String System: Four Tunable Steel Strings

Why Buy
• Birch wood resonating body
• Durable playing surface
• Adjustable internal steel strings
• Anti-vibration rubber feet
• Powerful and stunning sound
• Great look matching its stunning sounds

Product Features

  • POWERFUL,RICH,STUNING SOUNDS: Crafted from birch wood that regarded for its resonant qualities, it produces superb deep bass and rich sounds. The front plate is made of ash wood that offers excellent response even to the gentlest tapping. The sound port at the rear side of the resonance chamber allows air to escape while the cajon is being struck, thus resulting in powerful bass tones.
  • FOUR TUNABLE INTERNAL STEEL STRINGS: The box drum contains four internal steel strings arranged in two v-shapes running down the front plate, in order to maximize buzz when playing slap tones. Also comes with a hexagonal key so you can adjust the tone freely.
  • LARGE RUBBER FEET FOR STABILITY: The bottom of the box drum is fitted with large rubber feet for sturdy placement, as well as to protect the bottom being damaged, and prevent sound from getting lost in the floor.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS AND STRONG CONSTRUCTION: Made of thick hard wood selected for its durability, each side of the cajon is firmly sealed. strong and durable enough to bear the weight of an adult and stands up to hard striking. Sit on it at ease and play to your heart’s content.
  • COMPACT SIZE FOR EASY CARRY: Comes in size 11.8″” x18.9″” x12.2″” and weighs only 9.2lbs. Doesn’t take up too much space,Easy to carry around.