Come with an affordable price, we proudly introduce our JOY Cajon. Made from first-grade birch wood, the percussion box features a famous black finish front-plate, two sets of tunable Steel Strings, and sturdy rubber feet.

Dimension: 9.5″ x14.6″ x9.1″
Resonance Box: Birch Wood
Front Plate: Birch Wood
String System: Four Tunable Steel Strings

Why Buy
• Birch wood resonating body
• Durable playing surface
• Adjustable internal Steel Strings
• Anti-vibration rubber feet

Product Features

  • JUNIOR BIRCH CAJON: Made entirely of Birch Wood and equipped with internal fixed steel strings,our JOY CAJON produces deep bass and rich sounds,and is suitable for all kinds of music in the accompaniment.
  • FOUR TUNABLE INTERNAL STEEL STRINGS: The box drum contains four internal steel strings arranged in two v-shapes running down the front plate, in order to maximize buzz when playing slap tones. Also comes with a hexagonal key so you can adjust the steel strings to get the tone you need.
  • LARGE RUBBER FEET FOR STABILITY: Good quality rubber feet can make cajon very stable and safe for kids when playing.
  • WELL BUILT AND SOLID:Doesn’t take up too much space. Makes appropriate rich sounds,gets the job done with fun!
  • COMPACT SIZE FOR EASY CARRY: Comes in size 9.5″ x14.6″ x9.1″ and weighs only 5.5lbs.