How to make great music and keep children happy
Searching for a way to introduce kids to music?
Trying to find a great gift for children or baby showers?
Are you looking for the ultimate percussion instrument?

Introducing the JouerNow Audio Egg Shaker, the simplest instrument you will ever use
Can be used as a toy by children of any age. Makes a great gift to babies and kids of all ages.
Perfect for any hand size (possibly a little large for children under 3 months).
Perfect percussion instrument for all ages and skill levels, in any music genre.

Made from natural birch wood with smooth, safe and non-toxic finish, avoiding exposure to plastic,
splinters or dangerous chemicals
Tightly sealed, solid and virtually impossible to break, avoiding spilled pellets and choking hazards for children.
(E 71 1/2/3, ASTM F 963 and CE Certifications)
Mellow tone means it can also be used as a stress reliever and calming device
Endless variety of sounds, each egg shaker has a different look, feel and sound to it.
No batteries needed, ensuring many hours of fun.
Can be used for sing-alongs, by the campfire, fun family music night, teaching basic rhythm and introducing kids to music,
home-school music class, music class teachers and music therapists.
Some customers use it to help those with conditions that cause neurodevelopment disorders,
sensory problems and weakness of the left or right side of the body

Product Features

  • – PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT, the little ones just love it, giving them endless hours of fun, as it is non-electronic, while also avoiding the risk of breakage of egg shaker or spillage of beads inside and thus of choking or swallowing.
  • – SIMPLE TO USE INSTRUMENT & TOY, it has very many uses: sing-along at home, by the campfire, playing in the car without distracting the driver, family music night, teaching basic rhythms and introducing children to music.
  • – USED BY CUSTOMERS WITH VARIOUS CONDITIONS that cause or are caused by neurodevelopment disorders, sensory problems (can be used as a sensory toy for sensory gains) and weakness of the entire left or right side of the body.
  • – EXCELLENT EGG SHAPED PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT FOR TEACHING RHYTHM, it is a simple, creative source of entertainment and perfect for any kids or adult of any skill level or age, also can be used as a relaxing, calming, stress-relieving device.
  • – PREMIUM, HIGH-QUALITY DURABLE NATURAL BIRCH WOOD-with smooth, safe and non-toxic finish ensures the avoidance of plastic and splinters, uncomfortable hand feeling, risk of dangerous chemicals, intoxication or poisoning.