The Arpege pioneered the technology behind the carbon fiber revolution. Experience the seamless blend of warmth, sensitivity, and confidence. It is and ideal choice for the rising student or professional needing a responsive back up or pit bow. It performs complex strokes with ease and agility and produces a sophisticated pure tone. Nothing compares in its price range. One piece exclusive-grade round stick, Peccate/Maline style head, silver tip, premium sterling-silver ebony frog, parisian goldfish eye, sterling-silver winding, lizard grip, finest quality hair. JonPaul Bows are the finest carbon composite bows in the world. JonPaul bows are responsive and pull a beautiful tone. They inspire confidence and improve a player’s skill. See, feel, and hear the difference. JonPaul bows are crafted from start to finish in the U.S.A. Customers enjoy the best guarantee and service and the highest quality bows. The combination of advanced materials and classic design produces the rich tone of fine wood bows. The carbon fibers are “laid out” by hand to mimic the feel and sound of fine pernambuco more sucessfully than any other carbon fiber bow on the market. The heads don’t pop off. All JonPaul bows share a one-piece molding process, with the silver or gold tip molded into the bow. Single-piece construction means the stick is strong from tip to button. You can feel secure playing your JonPaul bow indoors, outdoors, or in a cramped orchestra pit. The color is infused to the very core of the stick, so the diamond finish is durable and beautiful. JonPaul bows rehair like any traditional wood bow. A fine bow deserves beautiful components. Designed by wood bow makers, JonPaul bows are crafted with a traditional French Peccatte/Maline style head. They are fitted with the best materials and are finished in the tradition of classic bows.

Product Features

  • Burgundy walnut diamond finish on a one piece professional-grade round stick
  • Top-grade fully lined nickel-silver ebony frog & Parisian goldfish eye
  • Peccate/Maline style head & Silver Tip,
  • Plush leather grip
  • Professional-grade hair