Jews Harp Dmitry Glazyrina / Aviator / (in walnut case) – professional mouth musical instrument Russian Jaw Harp (original Russian Jew’s Harp ) excellent quality. The harp has a great sound and a rare property of two in one. Playing this instrument you will be pleasantly surprised by the clarity of sound and velvety sound. This is not a souvenir (not snoopy harp, not dan moi) this is a real professional musical instrument, made in Siberia. Excellent Jew’s harp at a great price for beginners and professionals. Best Jew’s harp with unrivaled powerful sound. Jew’s Harp by Glazyrin/ Aviator / in walnut case Features: original quality, soft sound, easy to use tool. Intended use: for adults and children Learning game: very easy Material: stainless steel Material case: walnut Size: 160x33x4 mm Key: C / A Handcrafted Made in Siberia Master: Dmitry Glazyrin Sound example: . Your order will be shipped as soon as possible by airmail after payment is received. Then we will notify you the Tracking number to track your parcel. Delivery Service: Tracking happens before the border and customs zones. Next, go to the website of your national postal service and track a package.

Product Features

  • Master: Dmitry Glazyrin excellent Jew’s Harp masters
  • Original quality, soft sound, easy to use tool, made in Siberia
  • Material: stainless steel; Material of the case: walnut
  • Size: 160x33x4 mm; Key: C / A
  • Sound example (link):