Jean Baptiste is proud to introduce its all new line of tubas. As with all Jean Baptiste brass instruments, our newest line of instruments are designed provide an exceptional quality and value that you can only find from Jean Baptiste. Introducing the TUBARVC full sized tuba. Fitted a with 17.75” yellow brass bell and yellow brass body for commanding projection and rich even tone, with a nickel silver lead pipe. This lead pipe material helps the Jean Baptiste TUBA3VF deliver the deep, warm tone normally usually associated with this monstrous low pitched brass instrument. The inner and outer tuning slides are composed of a nickel silver alloy, providing reinforcement to this area that is traditionally prone to damage due to adjustments or impact.

Product Features

  • .770 inch large bore gives the advancing player a greater amount of control while reducing resistance
  • Full Sized Tuba
  • 4 Yellow Brass Rotors
  • 24AW mouthpiece, valve oil, microfiber cloth and a hard shell, soft covered wheeled case included
  • Key of C