This is a 30 key English system concertina, designed and developed with mostly European parts. The Jack is a baritone concertina with the same fingering as the Jackie but one octave lower . These English concertinas have a traditional riveted action, normally only found in expensive hand made instruments. They have been designed this way so they feel and play like a much higher end but at an affordable price range. With this in mind, we made all the important features, such as key board lay out, spacing of the keys, key diameter, key travel (the height of the keys), number of bellows folds, type of thumb straps, etc. identical to traditional English concertinas, to assure a smooth transition to a higher class concertina later on. The concertina is a wonderful versatile instrument, that is relatively easy to learn and suitable for all kinds of music, ranging from folk tunes, to pop music, jazz and classical music. Because of its small size it is very portable, and it blends perfectly with other instruments. The relatively high price of vintage concertinas and ‘mid priced’ new models, has kept many prospective players from trying the concertina. The Jack has been developed to cater to this group of potential players. They are the perfect instrument for anyone interested in trying out the concertina without having to invest a large amount of money to purchase that first instrument. Jack Baritone concertina: 30 keys, ranging from second G below middle C to to the first C above middle C. Fully chromatic. Trade in program: We understand that most players prefer to start with an entry level instrument and work their way ‘up the ladder’ . To facilitate upgrading, we offer a full purchase price refund when one of the above models is traded in for an instrument from a higher quality class. The program includes the entry level, intermediate and high end classes.

Product Features

  • 47 page tutorial book, easy to understand and written specifically for this instrument, suitable for self study and formal lessons
  • 30 key english style baritone concertina
  • Soft gig bag included
  • Handmade with metal accordion style reeds
  • Traditional thumb straps and 6 fold bellows