IRISH UILLEANN BAGPIPE HALF SET WITH 3 EXTRA NICKLE KEYS IN THE KEY OF “D” . This is complete set of Uilleann Bagpipe HALF Set with all it’s required accessories such as Drones, Chanter with Nickle Keys & Reeds This is a beautiful designed and handcrafted and fully playable bagpipe Ideal Instrument for beginners and experienced pipers • Made of Rosewood • Natural Finish • Nickle Mounts & Keys • Synthetic Bag • Black Velvet Bag Cover Silver fringe • Rosewood Bellows Free Accessories • Natural Rosewood Uilleann Practice Chanter (TOP) • Soft Carrying Case Reeds & Drones • 2 pcs Chanter reeds Synthetic • 1 pcs Chanter reed Cane • 2 Sets Cane Drone Reeds • 2 pcs spare practice chanter reeds Synthetic

Product Features

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