CHANTER The Blackwood Uilleann Chanter is designed to be played with the Practice Set, Half set & full set. The Blackwood Uilleann Chanter comes with two reeds and plays two octaves from Low to high D. It has 3 nickle keys which provide additional C, G# and F notes. DRONES All 3 drones are made of African blackwood and play in the key of D Comes with two sets of drone reeds. Chanter, Drones & Stocks are made of African Blackwood, Main Stock & Cup is made of Redwood. Made of the Finiest African Blackwood Natural Blackwood Finish. Nickle Keys & Fittings. ACCESSORIES Soft Carrying Case, Black Bag Cover With Silver Fringe, Best Quality Bellows, Synthetic Bag 100% Air Tight No Seasoning Required. 2.Pcs Reeds for Chanter Synthetic 2.Pcs Cane Reeds for Chanter 2.sets of Drone Reeds Booklet Learn to Play Uilleann Bagpipe By H-J-C Fingering Chart. Minor differences in reeds can have a dramatic effect on how your pipes sound. Therefore, we include 2 reeds with each will add best matched drones reeds so once you receive you can start playing