In Greece, the instrument and the songs performed in it in the style of the rebetika have long been considered outlaws – music for bouzouki was banned and did not go beyond the taverns where criminal elements usually gathered. The revival of this instrument began in the 60s of the 20th century, thanks to the outstanding Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, who created music for the world-famous film “Greek Zorba” with Anthony Quinn in the title role. “Sirtaki” Theodorakis became the visiting card of Greece. The history of bouzouki in Ireland begins in the 1960s. XX century. The pioneers of using this instrument (or rather, its classical version) for the performance of national Irish music were John Moynihan and Andy Irwin. The Greek version (3 choruses), although not characteristic of the Irish performers, was developed thanks to Alecu Finn. Originally bouzouki was used as an accompaniment instrument for flute or violin. The change in the classical system, which led to the muffling of the “eastern” character of the sound, earned the instrument the glory of the soloist of the Irish orchestra. En Grecia, el instrumento y las canciones interpretadas al estilo de la rebetika han sido consideradas fuera de la ley por mucho tiempo: la música para bouzouki estaba prohibida y no iba más allá de las tabernas donde los elementos criminales generalmente se juntaban. El renacimiento de este instrumento comenzó en los años 60 del siglo XX, gracias al destacado compositor griego Mikis Theodorakis, que creó la música para la famosa película “Greek Zorba” con Anthony Quinn en el papel principal. “Sirtaki” Theodorakis se convirtió en la tarjeta de visita de Grecia. La historia de bouzouki en Irlanda comienza en la década de 1960. Siglo XX. Los pioneros del uso de este instrumento (o mejor dicho, su versión clásica) para la interpretación de la música nacional irlandesa fueron John Moynihan y Andy Irwin.

Product Features

  • Irish Bouzouki Bouzouki with a case, a 660mm scale,
  • The upper deck is an array of spruce, the back deck is flat – a maple array, a neck and shells – the maple Hora.
  • Setting options:
  • – GDAE (octave mandolin)
  • – GDAD (Accompaniment and counterpoint)