The Pius Cheung Series PIUS-GSB marimba mallets are a series of 4 mallets. One PIUS1B soft mallet, two PIUS3B medium mallets, and one PIUS4B medium hard mallet. These mallets are constructed on birch handles, each model is wrapped with a very unique alpaca-blend yarn that allows the player to produce great tone at extreme dynamic ranges from the utmost silky pianissimo to heavy fortissimo with minimal effort. PIUS-GSB Includes: One PIUS1B Soft Mallet Two PIUS3B Medium Mallets One PIUS4B Medium Hard Mallet Also available with Rattan Handles.

Product Features

  • Unique Alpaca Blend Yarn
  • Rubber Core
  • Birch Handles
  • Set of 4. Includes. 1 ea of PIUS1B, 2 ea of PIUS3B, and 1 ea of PIUS4B