In the Hindu religion, it is believed that Krishna serenaded his beloved Radha with the music of the bansuri flute, testifying to the important role that these Indian musical instruments have long played in the cultural traditions of the people of India. Originally played by cowherds in the fields, today the music of the bansuri Indian flute is enjoyed by people of all ages all around the world, and the Indian Bansuri Bamboo Flute Set gives musicians two beautiful bansuri flutes to use to share the joyous sounds of the instrument with audiences.
The Indian Bansuri fipple bamboo flute is designed to be put against the lips like a whistle and is one of the most common Indian musical instruments used in folk music. This flute is 26 inches long and is wrapped in thread in the traditional way. Thread colors will vary from bamboo flute to flute.
Crafting bansuri flutes to ensure pitch-perfect sound production is truly an art form, and the artisans who produce the Indian Bansuri Bamboo Flute learned the craft from elder instrument makers who in turn learned from craftsman from previous generations. The process begins by selecting the perfect bamboo reeds to serve as the raw materials for each Indian flute. For the bamboo flute to sound its best, it must have thing walls and be of uniform size all along its length. Only the finest of bamboo ends up being selected for our bansuri flutes, and the artisans then carefully carve and shape the raw materials to create instruments of unparalleled quality.
Add an authentic Indian musical instruments to your collection or give someone an Indian flute made the traditional way. Order the Indian Bansuri Bamboo Flute now.

Product Features

  • TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP Bansuri flutes are artisan crafted in India using time-honored techniques
  • Fipple Indian flute 26 Inch,Type- CC Fipple
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY This Indian musical instruments is designed to meet the needs of pros
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS Bamboo flute is produced from the finest reeds and wrapped in luxury thread
  • UNIQUE GIFT This handmade flute is an ideal gift for any musician; Can also be used as decor