This chambered hollow clay replica of a pre-Columbian whistling vessel bears the likeness of a flute player sitting next to a zoomorphic form, likely a llama judging by the hooves. Sculpted by ethnomusicologist Jose Vitancio Humeres of Peru, it is a replica of an original design. “I think the sounds these instruments make were to create positive energy,” says Vitancio Humeres. Constructed of two chambers, as well as a system of air ducts and aqueducts, the vessel is filled partially with water, and when held and tipped, pushes the air outward to create melodic sounds, through one or more whistle holes. Exquisitely made. The whistle on this piece works with a strong sound. A functional musical instrument and a brilliant piece of art. Made in Peru.

Product Features

  • Dual chambered hollow clay replica of whistling vessel
  • Likeness of flute player with animal
  • Imitates an original pre-Inca design
  • Exquisitely made
  • Whistle on this piece sings with a strong sound