This little gadget is more than a wireless guitar system, it is also a portable wireless guitar synthesize effector.

wireless guitar transmitter and receiver that transfers pure signal and good range

this wireless guitar system includes one receiver and one transmitter. It transfers your signal to your guitar amp at less than 6ms latency in the purest form. The transmission range can be 50 feet line-of-sight, sufficient for big stage or small venues. This is the most affordable and easiest wireless system designed for anyone, anywhere.

portable wireless guitar synthesize effector

this portable wireless guitar synthesize effector supports 5 Professional guitar effects: original clean, bluesy, Flanger, tremolo and metal. The transmitter can be used as a guitar headphone amp and the receiver supports background input via Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux Cable. This is a combination of wireless guitar system and effector, you don’t need a separate effector any more.

plug and play, Easy operation

this wireless guitar system is plug and play, no need configuration. No setup required, just plug, power on, then select the option channel, it is ready to go. This wireless system utilizes UHF technology and allows 10 channels to work, perfect for a band. The volume control button in the transmitter allows you to change the volume easily. Both the receiver and transmitter are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, one single charge allows up to 5 hours playing.

Packing content

wireless guitar transmitter x 1
wireless guitar receiver x 1
USB charging cable (Dual micro USB port) x 1
D3.5 to D3.5mm aux Cable x 1
carrying case x 1
user manual x 1.

Product Features

  • Pure guitar tone: by using this wireless guitar transmitter and receiver, you’ll experience the feel of a standard Guitar cable. The transmitter also can be used as a synthesize Effector, supports 5 Professional guitar effects: original clean, bluesy, Flanger, tremolo and metal
  • Guitar headphone amp: the transmitter (TX) can be used as a guitar headphone amp, practice privately by plugging the 3.5mm headphone output jack. The product utilizes UHF technology, supporting 10 variable channels and multiple sets working simultaneously in a band
  • Background music input: The wireless guitar receiver (RX) has built-in Bluetooth and line in, simply plug your MP3 player/smartphone into the auxiliary input or connect your MP3 player/smartphone via Bluetooth, you instantly become part of the band
  • Plug and play: no setup required, as easy as to use as a standard Guitar cable. Up to 50 feet line-of-sight transmission range. Powered by rechargeable batteries. The transmitter is designed with power saving technology, it automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use for more than 5 minutes
  • Application: Compatible with most popular electric music instruments, electric Guitar, bass, Bakelite guitar and other musical instruments with pickup. Perfect for home, studio and rehearsal, for big stages or small venues