Honsing Soprano ukulele Beginner Hawaii kids Guitar

Ukuleles are the instruments that are both associated with the Hawaiian islands and becoming more and more popular in pop culture.Honsing Ukulele want to save our valued trees
so we use basswood ukulele with ECO friendly paint and the ukulele as a good instrument can help cultivate your children music taste ,
learn more about four string guitar,learn more about your child!

Honsing ukulele are all made of Eco-friendly basswood suitable for entry level and kids play, and ABS bone nut and traditional rosewood bridge suitable ukulele string action height,
that means the 12th fret to strings distance,Honsing ukulele also improve high Nylon strings,
bring every customer to tune our ukulele quickly, but please note all new strings will face with loose problem, they are very smooth in ukulele head gear tuning pegs, so please help tuning you ukulele at least five in one week~
1* Honsing ukulele
2* Honsing ukulele bag

Product Features

  • EYE CATCHING – 21inch Pink Ukulele is beautiful sweet pink color with environmental friendly paint, non-toxic health for both adult and child
  • TRUST & QUALITY – Kid Ukulele is generally made of high quality Basswood ,light body soft touch comfortable sounds
  • EVERYONE CAN PLAY:The Beginner Ukulele is GOOD Child enlightenment tools with suitable price , the uke is kid ukulele and adult ukulele our soprano ukulele offers a bright and distinctive tone whether you solo, play along with singing, or jam with friends
  • INGENUITY CRAFT TECH:Free and Beautiful ukulele case for you to carry anywhere,Carefully Ukulele wood winding process,fine satin finish bring nature wood texture & Inner brace support both sturdy construction and smooth touch that you can roll over the frets freely on quality ukulele nylon strings whether playing chords or single notes
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – One months warranty for the ukulele, with professional guidance for ukulele tuning and ukulele maintain if needed