Save with this bundle. Package includes: Hohner Accordions 1304-RED 73-Key 48-Bass Accordion, Hohner AGB-48 Gig Bag, Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Accordion Instruction Book and Zorro Sounds Polishing Cloth

Hohner Accordions 1304-RED 73-Key 48-Bass Accordion
The new HOHNICA Beginner Accordion features an improved mechanism for sturdier tactile key response, tremolo tuned reeds and resonant construction. It produces a full vibrant sound ideal for beginners & students.

Hohner AGB-48 Gig Bag
The black heavy-duty woven nylon gig bags can either be carried like a backpack with the adjustable padded nylon shoulder straps, or like a suitcase, by the sturdy, extra-cushioned handle. The rip-resistant nylon lining cradles the accordion, while heavy straps and plastic clasps hold it in place. Dual side zippers make it easy to remove the accordion and pyramid-shaped feet protect the bottom of the bag.

Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Accordion Instruction Book
Learn to play the accordion and open up a brand new world of musical knowledge with this exciting method from Alfred. Beginners of all ages can start their journey to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Beginning with the fundamentals, you will learn about the parts of the accordion, buying an accordion, preparing the instrument for use, and getting acquainted with standard musical notation. You will then move right along to using your left and right hands in the proper ways, playing different notes, chords, and songs, all while continuing to increase your knowledge of reading and understanding standard musical notation. You will learn to play in an array of musical styles, including Folk songs, Waltzes, Bluegrass, Polka, and more. You will also learn how to play with a group of other musicians.

Product Features

  • 48 Bass; Red body with 26 Keys
  • Range B-C
  • 2 Sets of Reeds
  • Tremolo Tuning
  • Three treble registers with one repeat