Four-string banjolelesfour-string banjoleles, both plectrum and tenor, can be used for chordalpaniment (as in early jazz),for single string melody playing (as in irish traditional music),in ” chord melody” style (a succession of chords in which the highest notes carry the melody),in tremolo style (both on chords and single strings),and a mixed technique called duo stylebines single string tremolo and rhythm chords. About wooden instrumentsplease do not put it in the room that has great differences in temperature andmoisture, or it will cracked. It would be better if you read the imformation of takingcare of wooden instruments first. Description: * 4 string banjolele* 8-inch sapele circle* milky white skin* okoume neck* natural rosewood fingerboard* 18 fret* 1.6 copper-nickel alloy strings* dimension:   64*24.5*10cm* weight: 1.38kgfeature: -this impressive looking banjolele plays great and sounds even better. Whether your a seasoned musician or just starting out, this banjo will be a perfect addition to any collection. -this banjo brings you all the classic tones of a traditional 4 string banjolele. Perfect for country, folk, bluegrass and even some modern rock. There has never been a better time to own a quality, affordable banjo!package included: 1x irin 4 string banjolele

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