A Family Owned Business With Deep Roots in Music.

For the past 30 years we have worked with music educators, students and parents to deliver tens of thousands of quality band instruments into the hands of beginning students.

A Great Clarinet For Beginners.

It’s a big decision to make when you’re purchasing a new clarinet for the first time. Whether it’s your first or a step-up instrument, a Herche clarinet will serve your talent, skills and needs superbly. Everyone at Herche wants you to express your musical passion and we’re here to make sure you get the best quality clarinet possible.

The Materials That Our Clarinets Are Made From.

Specifically engineered for clarinets, we use ABS resin to benefit from it’s forgiving ruggedness while possessing certain musical qualities that allow it to sound like a clarinet should. Stainless steel springs, nickel-silver rings and bell ring, attractive brilliant nickel-silver forged keys — every component is made from the finest materials built to last as long as you are inspired to play it. Avoid the frustrations of easily broken pieces and stick to Herche clarinets which are Triple-bench tested and must meet the most stringent level of quality prior to you holding it.

Our Promise To You.

Herche constantly strives to improve its product-line and offers the best value possible. Sharing numerous attributes with more expensive brands, Herche is an outstanding value. Since many educators consider Herche to be the perfect choice for student musicians, high quality is not only necessary but is imperative for successful music education. Our clarinet prices and warranty terms are unbeatable. We pride ourselves in providing excellent products and service to our customers.

Order our unbeatable craftsmanship, superior designed Bb clarinet to become the musician you’ve been dreaming about!

Product Features

  • FREELY EXPRESS YOUR INNER CLARINETIST – Everyone’s exposure to a clarinet is unique. Perhaps a relative played it, or you heard it’s beautiful notes during happy childhood memories, or maybe your best friend had one. Whether you want to join band, wind ensemble, orchestra or play for a conservatory, let a Herche b flat clarinet pick you. Our beginner clarinet is ideal for any newcomer but we’re certain you’ll become very attached to our student clarinet long after your school days.
  • PLAY WITH OPEN, UNRESTRICTED SOUND – Herche offset trill keys professional clarinets are tuned in to the key of Bb for a traditional soprano sound that’s ideal when playing jazz, swing, Dixieland, classical or marching tunes. Our stainless steel springs, undercut tone holes of the 14.75 millimeter bore, and two barrells (65 millimeter and 63 millimeter) are all developed to produce flawless sound, resonance and intonation.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME – These b flat clarinets endure demanding practice and performance schedules. We constructed the body, barrel and bell with matte-finish ABS for its attractive, reliable composition and durability. Each tarnish-resistant forged key is built from durable brass covered in shiny nickel-plating to prevent bending or breakage. Our new clarinets feature pads used in both beginner and many professional level instruments.
  • CLARINET CASE INCLUDES BONUS CARE KIT – Open our plush-lined, protective b flat clarinet case to reveal carefully selected items devised to enhance your experience. Clarinet cork grease to lubricate joints when putting it together. Cleaning swabs remove accumulated bore and keys condensation. The thin vamp cut # 2 Rico reed eases your play. With everything ready and a clarinet meticulously configured for all sized hands, you’re ready to fill the world with music.
  • UNPARALLELED SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – For over 30 years, Herche has earned the reputation of providing quality, consistency and exceptional service to countless musicians throughout the world. Our clarinets have been bench tested and adjusted by Master Technicians in the USA. We are here to support your clarinet needs and offer a One Year Free Maintenance and Repair plus a 3 year Warranty. Our repair department will repair and return your instrument with speed.