HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner is perfect for accurately tuning the pipe chanter and drones. It features a 2 speed meter, dual backlit LCD and individual modes for the Chanter and Drones. A great compact tuner for any piper. Ideal for any piper wanting to tuner their pipes quickly. The HBT-3 is an easy-to-use pocket sized bagpipe tuner. Perfect for accurately tuning each chanter note and drones it features a 2 speed needle-type meter, large dual color backlit LCD (which glows green when your in tune) internal mic and also includes an external clip mic. Around the size of a credit card, it’s small, compact and easy to see why it’s the most powerful Bagpipe Tuner in it’s size. It also looks good! • Dual Color backlit LCD • Chanter & Drones mode • 1Hz increm. between -10/+10Hz • Needle sensitivity contol • Calib. range 400-499Hz • Detection speed <20ms • Accuracy +/- 1Hz • Internal Mic • External clip mic included • Auto power save after 5 minutes idle. • Power- 2*AA Batteries Available for the HBT3 Tuner, the bracket is securely fastened by a velcro strap around your blowpipe stock freeing up your hands for tuning. Mount the Bagpipe tuner on your blowpipe! The mount is made of up of 2 components- a silicon rubber strap with multiple tensioning positions and a soft plastic coated bracket for the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner to slide into. Key features: • Quick, easy to attach and remove • Soft adjustable strap and bracket, protecting your pipes. • Ideal for hands-free tuning HBT-3 Hard case. A small case to safely store the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner. This small hard case safely stores the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner. It's modern, stylish and protects your tuner from bumps, scratches and dust. The HBT-3 Hard Case is a streamlined design which opens from the top, therefore has a belt hoop so you can attach it to your side. It also has an internal pocket for small items. It's lightweight, sturdy and most importantly looks good.