Oboe reed making kit includes:(items in photo are exact.)Student reed knife: HB Oboe Reeds student knife made by jende industries. Mandrel: rectangular wood handle. Student oboe reed blank: a student oboe reed on a brass staple ready to be scraped and made into your reed. 6 Staples: composite cork, 47 mm plain brass. 12 Pieces of student gouged & shaped cane: an easy to work with cane ideal for the beginning reed maker. 1″ Wood cutting block: this cutting block has a flat top surface to aid in trimming the tip of a reed with a knife. Two plaques: one is contoured, ebony, with both ends pointed. The second is flat, metal, both ends pointed. Ff thread spool : custom HB Oboe Reeds multi color – bravura blue, 100% nylon, 100 yd. ff spool. Beeswax bar 6″ metric ruler: stainless steel with non slip cork base. Blue, green, red, or silver.

Product Features

  • The hb oboe reed making kit is of exceptional quality at an exceptional price
  • Included are all the necessary tools to begin oboe reed making and more
  • An already tied student reed blank is included as an example of the oboe reed you will make
  • All items included exactly match the photo
  • Tool case, knife, mandrel, reed blank, staples, cane, wood block, plaques, thread, beeswax & ruler