One special feature of this deluxe BINA harmonium model is its 9-position scale changer, which allows the keyboard to slide over the reeds in 9 different positions, changing the scale range of notes. It also has 5 drones and 4 stops for air control and a mechanical coupler, which plays two keys, each an octave apart, with one stroke. This model contains a bass reed bank with notes 1G#-5E, a male reed bank with notes 2G#-6E, and a female reed bank with notes 3G#-7E. Its multi-fold bellows are some of the many components giving this harmonium a full, rich sound. The keyboard pops up for playing and can be placed in locked-down position for storage and travel. It weighs 35 lbs. and measures 25 ½?x 15 ½?x 8? closed and comes with a soft travel case.Although it was invented in France nearly 200 years ago, the harmonium has been extremely popular and strongly embraced by India after it was brought there during the British Occupation. It is not meant to be played in concert like a mini organ and is mainly used as an accompaniment to devotional songs. As with many Indian instruments, the key for the music is selected to best suit the vocals or to set a mood. The reeds in the harmonium are tuned to sound well together, but not necessarily with other instruments. As such, they are not in concert pitch and not meant to be played like a Western table-top organ. Traditionally, harmoniums are usually higher pitched if compared to the Western scale. DISCLAIMER: Instrument?s finish color and décor may vary from photo. Shellac is very impressionable (no pun intended) and during the instrument?s long transportation from India, the shellac finish becomes marred by the packing materials and may cause the sides of harmoniums to have impressions. These impressions are cosmetic and do not affect the playability or sound, so we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects. SOLD AS IS.

Product Features

  • 9-position scale changer.
  • 5 drones and 4 stops for air control.
  • Mechanical coupler, which plays two keys, each an octave apart, with one stroke.
  • Keyboard pops up for playing.
  • Comes with a soft travel case.